What is a Cyber Vulnerability Scan (CVS)?

A Cyber Vulnerability Scan is at the heart of the PortaScan Cyber Security Solution.

Cyber Vulnerability Scans for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

A Cyber Vulnerability Scan is at the heart of the PortaScan Cyber Security Solution.

Vulnerabilities have plagued operating systems and software applications since the earliest days of computing With the advent of the internet, and the reliance on it for global commerce, criminal attackers have realized the monetary payback of cyber-crime, and now cyber attacks and breaches are all too common.

A vulnerability scan is an inspection of the potential weaknesses in the security of a computer network. This allows you to remedy the flaws before they are discovered by someone else who might attempt to break in to your systems.

You can think of a CVS as checking your locks, alarm and motion detectors at your home or office. Computer network vulnerabilities arise from inestimable sources, which are constantly changing, such as errors in software programming, utilizing outdated software or hardware, poorly configured firewalls, and lack of, or weak, passwords.

Our CVS only requires the details of your externally facing internet protocol (“IP”) addresses in order to examine for known vulnerabilities. So, it sees only what an outside intruder would see (like your locks, alarm and motion detectors) and tests the perimeter security with no work required by you.


A report is produced which categorizes and ranks the results according to severity. It is then crucial that you consult with your IT specialists to resolve the vulnerabilities. Remember that the CVS tells you that your lock is broken, the critical step is then to repair it. Our scan provides specific remediation recommendations that can often be completed by you.


As part of the PortaScan.io Cyber Security Service, the CVS scan is performed monthly, as vulnerabilities and cyber attack strategies are continuously evolving. Importantly, scans performed at regular intervals provide valuable trend data, which may be used when acquiring cyber liability insurance,

Who can benefit from a Cyber Vulnerability Scan CVS?

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Knowing where you stand in terms of vulnerabilities is critical. Cybercrime is on the rise and costs businesses trillions of dollars, Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses are targeted as they generally do not have the resources of larger organizations. In some cases they don't recover.

  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Actionable Remediation Recommendations
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Trend Analysis - Track Changes over time

How can I get started with the Cyber Vulnerability Scan?

The CVS is an integral part of the PortaScan Cyber Security platform. To see all the security services PortaScan.io can provide, schedule a appointment. You can start this monthly service anytime, and the sooner the better. Sign-up Now.

If you're interested in reseller, referral, or private label opportunities for your Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Cybersecurity company, See below.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), IT Professionals, Cyber Security Consultants

PortaScan.io has a flexible reseller and private label programs that enable MSPs to provide cyber vulnerability scans to their clients. If interested, please complete this form, and we'll respond promptly.

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