Small Business Cyber Security Solutions

A cyber attack can ruin your business. Ransomware could destroy your reputation in seconds. Think you're not a target? Or protecting your business is too expensive? Think again.

Finally, an Affordable, Easy, Cyber Security Service for the rest of us.

Cyber attacks and network hacks don't only occur to large companies and organizations. Based on a recent survey 45% of small businesses have been victims of a cyber attack - and they didn't even know it. And it's only going to get worse as more and more business and transactions occur online.

Thankfully, the cyber security tools and services the big guys use is now available to small businesses. Based on the same enterprise-level technology, the PortaScan Small Business Solution is now available to everyone.

Let us find your weaknesses before the bad guys do.

You're too busy running your business. Even if you outsource your IT, there's no guarantee that your customer, accounting, and private data is safe. And if it isn't, you are responsible, not your vendor. Our small business cyber security solutions is complete monitoring service based on an affordable subscription pricing model. Each subscription includes:

  • Monthly Compliance Scorecard
  • Monthly Detailed Report with do it yourself (DIY) solutions and recommendations
  • Alerts and Monitoring
  • Access to our Cyber Security Knowledge Base

Unfortunately, Cyber Security is not a one and done process. New vulnerabilities and exploits appear regularly and our technology keeps up and is constantly updated to keep your organization safe. You can download a sample report here.

Small Business Cyber Security

Founders, Small Businesses Owners, Entrepreneurs

The world of cyber security can be overwhelming with unknown technical jargon and a multitude of costly hardware and software solutions. Our service is easy, non-intrusive, doesn't require any onsite hardware installations to get a quick, affordable, cyber security baseline for your small or medium-sized business. Importantly, our scan identifies the holes in your internet facing servers/devices and provides detailed, easy-to-implement steps to secure these weaknesses.


Using our Monthly Scorecard, you'll know instantly if you compliant. Compliance is based on standardized scoring all known vulnerabilities across many industries and is updated regularly.

Small Business Cyber Security Is Everyone's Responsibility

Small and Medium Businesses face the same risks as large corporations and have the same responsibility to protect customer data and provide a safe and secure online experience. Also, we see new industry-specific compliance regulations being implemented regularly.

You're in Good Company

Seeing is believing. Our service can change the way you look at cyber security and network protection. Contact us today for a demo and see what can do for your business.

Cyber Security got you up at night?

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