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At the core of the Small Business Cyber Security Service is our exclusive Cyber Vulnerability Scan (CVS). Utilizing enterprise level cyber security technology, our CVS identifies weakness and vulnerabilities in the perimeter of your network. But that's just half the story. Our unique technology produces an easy to ready scorecard and detailed report, with DIY solutions.

It's easy and fast to get started on improving your cyber security.

How it Works - Step-by-Step

Consult with one of our Advisors

Start with a Free 15 minute consultation to discuss how our service can help you. You can schedule a call here.

Consent/Approval Form

As a security measure, we need your written consent to start the cyber security service. This consent protects both parties and ensures our proprietary scanning service reviews the correct domains and IP addresses.

Cyber Security Scorecard and Detailed Report

This is where the rubber meets the road. Each month, you'll receive two customized reports.

  1. Cyber Security Scorecard - This a summary of your network security and is presented in report card fashion. It includes a compliant or non-compliant rating, too. Don't worry if you non-compliant; most businesses are the first time.
  2. Detailed Report - In this multi-page report, all the vulnerabilities, secure and not, are shown. Any that need immediate attention are highlighted. Each weakness includes remediation actions.


Remediation simply means a series of steps or actions you can take resolve the identified vulnerability. These are presented in a DIY fashion. Not sure what the report means? That's ok, our customer support follows up with you to answer any questions you may have.


Cyber threats and vulnerabilities change all the time. We've seen plenty of examples where an organization goes from compliant to non-compliant in a few days. But the good news we've seen companies move the other way; non-compliant to compliant. Our service is monthly. This provides a reasonable amount of time to address any weaknesses identified.

And we're here to help throughout the process.

You might be thinking...

That's great. But we aren't a Technology Company


Isn't this Service only for Technology Companies?

At, we believe every company is a technology company.

They just don't think about it. Technology is at the core of every business. Even if you don't have website or conduct business online. Every organization is vulnerable.

Safe and Secure takes security and privacy seriously. We never share your contact details with anyone. Each report is only sent to the email address provided on the consent form. A copy is sent to so that we may help with any questions or alert you to any immediate security issues. If you prefer that not receive a copy, please let us know.

Data from your company and the data from other companies is summarized for only. This is allows us to track trends and provide industry guidance. Individual data is never shared, and only summary data is provided. For more information, please contact us at

Cyber Security got you up at night?

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