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About Us

At PortaScan.io, we build cyber security solutions and risk mitigation tools that are affordable, trusted, and easy to maintain. By taking action today to fight cyber crime and cyber threats, you can keep your SME running safely and smoothly long into the future.

For MSPs committed to protecting their clients, our tools strengthen their confidence in your service while strategically positioning them to achieve their goals. Sixty percent of businesses attacked by cyber threats fold within six months. Don’t let yours be one of them. Get in touch with us today.


As a subsidiary of Bootstrap Technologies, LLC, our consultants found that 4 out of 5 businesses looked at Cyber Security and security in general as an after-thought. However, the cost of implementing proper security was prohibitive and could delay product launches. Recently, in conjunctions with our development team, we've been able to create an affordable solutions that all small businesses, at any stage, can use to improve their cyber security posture.


1) Affordability

While there are many cyber tools available today, most are costly for SMEs. Our trusted cyber security solutions not only successfully mitigate cyber threats, they also provide hardworking businesses with cost-effective, trusted solutions.

2) Transparency

When it comes to cyber security, transparent, open and consistent communication is key. Our team works alongside our clients to build a clear and sustainable path for business success.

3) Integrity

We are a team of like-minded technology and cyber security professionals. Our dedication to ensuring the safety of our clients’ businesses is matched only by the honesty with which we run ours.

4) Service

We believe the relationships we build go hand-in-hand with the service we provide. Our clients and their customers have our full commitment and can count on us to provide superior service and optimized solutions.

5) Innovation

As a technology-driven company, our finger is always on the pulse. We diligently remain alert to the latest industry innovations and trends so that we can continue to stay ahead of the bad guys.

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